4 different ways to use landscape stone

4 different ways to use landscape stone
Oct 21, 2019

For all of its rugged appearance and violent, lava-borne origin, stone can be an incredibly beautiful addition to your home’s outdoor landscape settings or an array of functional or decorative features from massive retaining walls to fountains to bird baths. Indeed, stone is arguably the most versatile of landscaping material and brings texture, rich contrast, and requires virtually no maintenance.

Choosing a type or types of stone, however, for your Rock Valley, Iowa landscape project demands a little homework prior to starting work. If you are new to the world of stone, you’ll be amazed with the color palettes and designs available, as well as shapes including formal cut rectangles, flag, “round,” and irregular. Your final choice will set the tone for the project and if planned correctly, blend seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor landscaping.

River rocks are great for adding warmth to a shrub garden, flagstone is a go-to for patios, terracotta stones go well with southern landscapes, and larger boulders are the perfect backdrop in a flower garden.  Here are four rewarding ways to use landscape stone at your Sioux Center, Iowa home:

Plant a rock garden

A character in a child’s fairy tale might “plant” a rock, water it and watch it grow and while you probably can’t make that happen, arranging a garden of rocks is a very rewarding DIY project that brings years of return on your effort. Rocks of course are durable and also fun to work with. Even without accompanying soil and colorful flowers, a thoughtfully arranged collection of different-sized stone can make a landscape pop.

Lead the way with stepping stones

Stepping stone pathways are welcoming, intriguing complements to a home’s landscaping. They are also very attractive ways to lead guests naturally to specific areas of the yard, such as a gazebo or fire pit, or as a formal path from a backyard patio door. Stepping stones are very adept at revitalizing an area of dead grass as well, or providing a clean and dry route to the house. Try surrounding larger stones with river rock or pebbles for an inviting look.

Fly the flag(stone)

A spic and span flagstone patio is a beautiful thing, lasts virtually forever, and brings timeless taste to a backyard landscape setting. Given the wide variety of flagstone types available, the options are only limited to your imagination. Higher end granite stone is elegant and extremely durable but comes with a high price tag. Cobblestone lends a historical look, especially when spaces between are planted with groundcover moss.

Water conservation

Stone of various sizes are natural water filterers and a popular choice for xeriscaping. Rocks allow water to find its own way to the soil without exploding in a rush from downpours or downspouts. A layer of rocks also offers excellent UV protection from the sun and slows water evaporation.

So, get ready to hoist a few stones and decorate!

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