4 Hot Landscape Lighting Design Trends for 2018

Feb 2, 2018

Many Sioux Falls homeowners work hard to create an outdoor sanctuary complete with luscious landscaping, ornate patios and pathways, and useful extras like fire features, pavilions, or even an outdoor kitchen. It’s surprising, then, how many neglect the landscape lighting that takes their outdoor spaces from day to night.

If your yard is perfect, except for the abysmal lighting, it’s time to consider how you can add needed illumination while maintaining the style and ambience you prefer for nighttime entertaining. Here are some of the hottest landscape lighting design trends for 2018.

1. LED and solar upgrades

To be clear, the use of LED and solar lighting isn’t exactly new, but it is an ongoing trend for homeowners looking to update landscape lighting and illuminate their yard in an eco-friendly manner. The good news is that there are now countless options for both LED bulbs and solar fixtures. This means you can create the style and mood you prefer with outdoor lighting, lower utility bills, and still do your part for the environment.

2. Metallic finishes

The prevailing attitude for landscape lighting fixtures over the last few years has been ͞less is more͟, hence the trend in earth-tone light fixtures that virtually hide in plain sight.If you prefer to install lighting fixtures that hold their own in your exterior design, complementing other elements without completely receding, or alternately, overtly dominating, the latest trend utilizes metallic finishes to add some shine to your overall design.

Bright and bold is not the name of the game, however. This trend relies on antique finishes to provide an understated patina of weathered brass or copper. You don’t want high-polish metals to blind you when hit by direct sunlight or pull attention away from your lush, natural oasis. Antique finishes ensure that your lighting accents your yard without the ͞look at me͟flashiness of shiny, new metal.

3. Sleek, modern fixtures

Depending on the style of your home, you may be more comfortable sticking with traditional fixtures, but if you’re looking for a change and your architecture is forgiving, modern fixtures could blend seamlessly into the background or become a focal point in your yard.Whether you install simple, sleek, metallic cylinders, you opt for industrial bulbs in minimalist glass jars or metal framework, or you go off the beaten path with massive, translucent globes dotting your yard, you can find the modern lighting fixtures that will make your Sioux Falls landscape lighting truly unique.

4. Astronomical timers

Some homeowners are content to flip switches to turn their landscape lighting on and off. Others prefer the automation offered by timers. These days, you needn’t rely on outdated, finicky, analog timers to illuminate your landscape and hardscape features on a schedule.Astronomical timers use location data like a zip code or GPS coordinates to figure out precise hours of daylight and darkness for your location, even adjusting for daylight savings time. If you’re into smart home amenities, upgrading to an astronomical timer for your landscape lighting is a must.