4 luxurious features to consider adding on to your swimming pool

4 luxurious features to consider adding on to your swimming pool
Nov 4, 2019

One of the highlights of your Rock Valley, Iowa backyard is your new in-ground swimming pool. You planned everything down to the smallest detail and your family and friends all love it. Regular maintenance is dialed in and now you can sit back and enjoy refreshing days in the pool and hosting festive gatherings.

The best part about a backyard pool is it doesn’t have to just be about the pool. All kinds of luxurious features and additions are available to make your pool scene the envy of the neighborhood. It’s easy to turn your backyard fun into something fabulous with nearly unlimited options to fit your personality, backyard look, and budget.

Waterfalls and water features

Water features are the go-to choice to add elegant pizzazz to a backyard pool area. Small waterfalls or mini rock gardens with streams bring a tranquil feeling to space and there’s something special about listening to the cascade of water while you’re relaxing in the sun or reading your favorite book in the hammock. Some waterfall features can be incorporated into large boulder arrangements that allow you to swim behind the water for a unique cave-like experience.

Tanning ledge

A designated perch on which to stretch out and soak up all kinds of summer sunshine is a popular addition to Sioux Center, Iowa homes. This type of accouterment gets bonus points for doing double duty as a safe destination for children, elderly folks, or guests who wish to be close to the water without taking a full plunge.

Swim-up bars

Savoring a tasty summery cocktail or a brew with friends at a swim-up bar is all the rage at pool scenes from sumptuous Caribbean resorts to suburban backyards. Pool builders can turn almost any idea into the real thing and a swim-up bar is a big hit for parties or quiet nights with someone special. A shading canopy over the bar is another great idea for keeping guests comfy, and you can’t beat the convenience of just floating up to grab a beverage without getting out the pool every time for a trip to the kitchen fridge.

Outdoor kitchen and fireplace

Another wildly popular luxury addition is an outdoor kitchen/fireplace area. Outdoor kitchens are a must-have for backyard entertaining. Prices span a wide range depending on design but built-in stainless steel appliances, grills, sinks, cooking areas, and lots more are common choices. Complementing the kitchen is a custom-made stone fireplace; the perfect ingredient for chilly nights or when you want to add a little ambiance to the scene. You can install a standalone fire pit by extending a deck or patio, or construct a cozy nook of stone for a place to settle in and watch the crackling fire or maybe even an outdoor movie.

Let your imagination lead the way. Luxury additions to your pool area are a great investment and you’ll never have to leave your favorite lounge chair.

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