4 Tips for Water Feature Care and Maintenance

Jan 28, 2019

Landscape design is undoubtedly the most important part of creating an attractive outdoor space to complement your home.  With the right hardscaping elements in place, such as patios, pathways, and planters, you can also increase the utility and visual appeal of your yard.  However, you’ll find that once these pieces are in place, you can take your property to the next level with the addition of complementary pieces, like site structures for shelter and shade, a fire pit to act as a focal point for gatherings, or a calming water feature.

Of course, functional water features will require some amount of care and maintenance to keep them in good working order.  With a few simple steps, you should have no trouble keeping your water feature looking great and gurgling away so you can continue to enjoy your Rock Valley, Iowa backyard.  Here are some easy tips for water feature care and maintenance.

Replace Water Regularly

You might think a water feature that recycles water will be self-sustaining, but it doesn’t really work this way.  The environment will cause water to evaporate over time, critters in your yard will drink and bathe in the water, and it will become polluted with dust and debris that falls in.

Over time, algae and other scum can litter the bottom and amass on the surface of water.  None of this bodes well for the longevity of your water feature, and it certainly doesn’t look very nice.  It might not smell great, either.

The best way to avoid this turn of events and the harm it can cause your fountain by fouling the components is to keep an eye on the water level so you can add extra as needed.  Completely drain it regularly so you can clean it and add fresh water.

Clean Surfaces

Dirt, debris, algae, animal waste, and mineral deposits can all affect the surface of your water feature, whether it’s comprised of stone, metal, or another material.  Unless you want to see serious and rapid deterioration of surfaces, you need to clean them when you empty the feature for refilling.  Depending on the type of surface material or finish you’re dealing with, you may be able to clean with a damp sponge, scrub surfaces with a vinegar solution, or even apply bleach to clean and disinfect.

Clean the Pump

Without a functioning pump, your water feature is little more than an ornament in your Sioux Center, Iowa backyard.  In order to keep the pump in ship shape, you’ll want to inspect it and replace filters regularly, remove debris like leaves that get stuck in the intake valve, clean it with a damp cloth, and flush it with water (along with hose lines) if clogs develop.

Inspect for Wear and Repair

Over time, the elements can do a number on your fountain, even if it’s designed for outdoor use.  If you notice undue wear, buildup of debris, or breakage, you might want to consider moving your water feature to another location in your yard, perhaps an area where a structure or overhang can deliver some shelter to avoid further damage.