5 Great Fire Features to Liven Up Your Yard

Feb 5, 2018

There’s nothing quite as mesmerizing as merrily dancing flames, and there’s just no denying the draw of an outdoor fire when the weather is brisk, the night is dark, and family and friends are looking for a cozy spot to gather and socialize despite the gathering gloom after sunset.In other words, it’s high time you considered adding a fire feature to your Sioux Falls backyard.

If your outdoor oasis is already populated by lush landscaping and outdoor lounge areas that beg to be enjoyed during leisure time, why not ensure that you can extend every summer BBQ, spring soiree, and fall feast into the evening hours? Here are just a few great options for fire features that are guaranteed to liven up your yard.

1. Ground-level fire pit

Because heat rises, ground level fire pits can provide for a warm and cozy gathering spot, even on chilly Sioux Falls nights.Placing the firepit near the corner of a stone fence or retaining wall can help to bounce back some heat, or you could place it in the middle of the yard as a central gathering spot. You might even create a sunken seating area around a floor-level fire pit to add an ambience of intimacy even as you increase the warming power of your fire feature.

2. Raised fire pit

If you’re looking to add a focal point and an obvious gathering place to your yard, a raised fire pit will shine like a beacon in your yard. To really highlight this feature, consider adding permanent sections of bench seating or a circular wall built from stacked stone pavers. You could even add a semicircular pergola around the area for added visual appeal.

3. Corner fire pit

There’s no law saying a fire pit has to have seating all around, and if you’re dealing with a small yard space or you’re trying to figure out how to squeeze in all the elements you want, you simply might not be able to allot the prime real estate in the center of the yard for a fire feature. The good news is, you can build a fire pit into a corner section of your yard with a stone wall backing in the corner for safety and an open front and top to warm anyone ringing the front.

4. Pavilion fireplace

More and more homeowners are adding fireplaces to their pavilion, especially when pavilions are placed near swimming pools or hot tubs. When you hop out of the water to grab some nosh on a chilly night, there’s nothing better than cozying up in a comfy chair by the fireplace.

5. Double-duty kitchen fireplace

If you’ve gone to all the trouble of building a gourmet outdoor kitchen to make the most of your exterior entertaining space, you might be keen to install a fireplace designed for more than just warming your guests. The good news is you can find or create custom designs that include features for cooking brick oven pizza or roasting meat, just for example, providing double duty where function is concerned.