5 outdoor kitchen cleaning and maintenance tips

5 outdoor kitchen cleaning and maintenance tips
Feb 17, 2020

We have seen a significant rise in recent years in the popularity of outdoor kitchens, and for good reason. An outdoor kitchen is an attractive and useful accent to any backyard landscape, providing extra space for meal preparation, they look great, and quickly become a go-to destination for outdoor gatherings.  Not only that, outdoor kitchens can naturally complement existing hardscapes such as patios and fire pits.

While it’s great to come home after work and relax in your Rock Valley, Iowa outdoor kitchen, don’t forget that kitchen needs as much or more cleaning as the one inside. It’s cold outside now but in a few short months, backyards all o’er the land will fill up with families and friends attracted to whatever is cooking. Compared to a daily-use indoor kitchen, outdoor varieties are comparatively low-maintenance—handprints on the outdoor grill, for example, might not raise much concern but regular cleaning is still important to get the most of your space.

Here are 5 handy tips for keeping your Sioux Center, Iowa outdoor kitchen clean:

Wipe down countertops after every use

Granite and marble are popular choices in outdoor kitchen design but remember that these materials are porous and will attract stains. Natural rinsing from rain will help but you can also seal your countertops to prevent stains from soaking in, and consider a pergola or arbor to provide protection from the elements.

Grills don’t clean themselves

Some people just give grill grates a quick wire brush treatment before their next barbeque but it is important to keep in mind that all manner of bacteria like to take up residence on a grill and you don’t want that in your food. After brushing, thoroughly wipe down the grates with wet paper towels to be sure gunk and grime is cleared away.

Clean with care

Stainless steel is by far the most popular appliance choice for outdoor kitchens. It looks great and is resistant to rust and corrosion. It is relatively durable but care is in order to avoid damaging appliance surfaces. Hot pans and pots and other cookware can lead to stains and scuffs; use hot pads and never cut directly on a stainless surface. That’s what cutting boards are for. Clean surfaces with a soapy water rinse, following the grain of the metal.

Clean the fireplace too

Many outdoor kitchens include fireplaces that also need cleaning attention. Remove ashes and keep the fire box free of debris. Also remember to clean the fireplace chimney on a regular basis. Use a wire chimney brush for best results.

Furniture TLC

Furniture is a critical element in outdoor kitchens, completing the look of the entire space. If possible, keep furniture covered or bring indoors during extreme weather. When cleaning, use a mild, all-purpose cleaner on vinyl, mesh, and fabric furniture. And as always, try to spot spills right away and wipe them up.

A few minutes of cleaning maintenance time will protect your outdoor kitchen investment for many years.

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