5 Patio Pergola Design Tips

Oct 13, 2017

Pergolas have long been used to cover walkways and seating areas, adding beauty and shade to any garden. Today, many Sioux Falls homeowners elect to add pergolas to patio areas for similar reasons, and with proper planning, you can design a pergola that meets your practical needs and perfectly complements your outdoor space. Here are a few design tips to put you on the right path.

1. Traditional versus modern design

You might think that the design of pergolas is limited to just a couple of traditional overhead configurations, basically parallel beams or a standard gridwork. This is great for anyone who wants an unobtrusive and functional means of adding some shade to patio areas.

However, you could also go with a bolder, more modern design that features geometric shapes, chevrons, or other patterns.There’s no need to feel stuck in a rut when it comes to your pergola design. Simply look for inspiration and speak to your pergola specialist about options.

2. Perfect positioning

Even if you already have a patio installed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where you have to put your pergola, and if there’s no patio in your yard, the world is your oyster. You should think about where you’re going to gain the greatest advantage when placing your patio and your pergola.

If you do a lot of cooking, it makes sense to place these features near the home, but if you prefer to take advantage of stunning views offered by an overlook at the back of the yard, for example, this could be a better spot to place your patio and the pergola that covers it.

3. Experiment with coverings

Vines that run up and over your pergola provide for privacy, shade, and romantic ambience, but again, you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to traditional coverings when it comes to designing your pergola. Consider using wooden slats, sailcloth, or even sheer drapes to add visual interest to your pergola without giving up practical properties like shade and privacy.

4. Vertical considerations

For the most part, pergolas are designed to provide shade overhead, but you can also make use of sides of your pergola to add some design flair and functionality. For example, you could add slats, lattice, or drapes for privacy between the vertical beams that hold up your pergola.

You could install rails or slats meant to hold planters, providing extra growing space for flowers and herbs. This is especially useful if you’re dealing with a small yard space or you want to grow shade plants in a yard that gets full sunlight.

5. Call in the pros

Not every Sioux Falls homeowner has the experience and skill to plan and execute a patio pergola, and even those that would attempt it might prefer to leave construction up to the pros. You’ll find that hiring a professional not only relieves you of the physical labor of building a structure (not to mention the legal concerns associated with obtaining appropriate permits), but it also gives you access to the expertise required to ensure a pergola design that perfectly suits your architecture, landscaping, and personal style.