5 Ways to Winterize Your Outdoor Living Space

Feb 23, 2018

As the dead of winter rears its ugly head, some Rock Valley and Sioux Center homeowners seem to believe the season for enjoying their outdoor spaces is over. Why would you create a beautiful outdoor gathering place only to use it for half the year (or less)? Don’t let lower temperatures scare you back indoors. Take some practical steps to winterize your outdoor living space. With a bit of planning and effort, you can create a cozy, all-season outdoor haven for friends and family. Speak to an expert landscape designer to build a winter wonderland in your own backyard.

Consider Weatherproof Furniture
If the furniture in your outdoor space is not weatherproof, it may be time to let it go. Consider selling it to someone who doesn’t hope to use their outdoor space all year. Weatherproof furniture will not be damaged by rain, snow, or wind, and weatherproof furniture coating provides additional protection against mildew and mold. Weatherproof furniture can stay outdoors all year, so throwing a party or gathering around a bonfire is no trouble, even in January.

Protect Wood Structures
Winter can be hard on wood structures. It is important to prevent moisture and mildew from damaging your wooden patio, deck, and other structures. To do this, first remove all dirt, dead leaves, or other debris that can cause bacteria to grow. Then seal your wooden structures with a watertight sealant. This can make it safe to use your wooden patio or deck all winter, while preventing swelling and other forms of moisture damage.

Cover your Fire Pit
Nothing is worse than going outside to light a fire only to discover that your fire pit is full of water or snow. Make sure you have a tight-fitting cover for your fire pit. This way, anytime you go to start a fire, you will find a dry, conducive place for your blaze. Of course, it is also important to use dry wood, so store your firewood in a place that it won’t get wet. While you’re at it, it’s not a bad idea to make sure your BBQ grill is covered, too. Winter moisture can cause an uncovered grill to rust and decay.

Build a Pergola
If you want to get the most all-season use out of your Rock Valley or Sioux Center, Iowa backyard, your best bet is to construct a pergola, pavilion, or arbor. These outdoor structures cover your patio area, and transform your outdoor space into a truly all-season gathering place. Pergolas provide delicious shade in the summer months, and protect you from rain, wind, and snow during the rest of the year. On top of that, these structures look stunning. Speak to a designer to find a customizable option that works for your space, and bring your yard to the next level.

Add a New Fire Element
If you’d love to enjoy the light and warmth of a cozy backyard fire any day of the year, consider building an all-season fire element. Your custom-designed fire pit or fireplace can provide a dazzling location for gathering, telling stories, and sipping hot chocolate with s’mores on the side. Extend your Iowa bonfire joy to last all through the year. Speak to an expert fire element designer today.