6 Backyard Improvements that Add the Most Value to Your Home

Oct 30, 2017

You might think adding a pool to your backyard is the quickest way to increase enjoyment of your outdoor spaces and boost the value of your home. Unfortunately, you might be wrong on both counts. Pools can be fun, but they’re also expensive, and Sioux Falls residents will likely have to winterize a pool for several months each year.

In addition, having a pool could actually make your home harder to sell down the line. Some homeowners simply don’t want the added hassle or expense, or they might not be avid fans of swimming. That said, there are plenty of backyard improvements that can add tons of value to your Sioux Falls property. Here are a several to consider.

1. Outdoor lighting

No matter how great your backyard looks, a lack of adequate lighting can spoil the effect when the sun goes down. If you like to entertain into the evening hours, upgrading your outdoor lighting is a must. For practical purposes, you’ll want lighting at entries and bordering walkways, but for aesthetic purposes you could get a lot more creative, highlighting landscaping, water features, and more.

2. Landscaping

A barren yard is not a good selling point, and a boring expanse of grass isn’t much better. When your landscaping features a variety of flora, including grasses, shrubs, flowers, trees, and delineated planting areas, you’ll enhance the visual appeal of your backyard and increase value in the process.

3. Entertaining spaces

Full enjoyment of your backyard requires more than a stellar view from indoors; you want your spaces to be functional and designed for entertaining. This means adding patio pavers or deck areas where you can place furniture and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

4. Fire features

Sioux Falls residents want to enjoy their outdoor living spaces as long as possible. At some point, however, weather conditions will intrude. Fire features can not only be used for late-night lighting during the summer months, but also for warmth well into the fall, and even winter. If sipping warm cider and enjoying the brisk fall breeze on your cheeks sounds like heaven, consider installing a fire feature to increase use of your yard long after summer.

5. Structures

Pergolas, pavilions, arbors, and other structures are a great way to add utility and value to your yard. Whether you erect them over your patio for added shade and protection from the elements, you place them in hidden corners for privacy, or you use them to support vines and other landscaping elements, structures can add to your backyard in a number of appealing ways.

6. Outdoor kitchen

You probably know that indoor kitchen renovations deliver an incredible return on investment. The same is true of outdoor kitchens. Adding this functional space to your backyard not only allows you greater convenience when cooking and entertaining outside, but when you install countertops, cabinets, cooking surfaces, and associated appliances, you significantly boost the value of your home and the appeal to prospective buyers down the line.