Add Value to Your Backyard with a Pergola or Pavilion

Add Value to Your Backyard with a Pergola or Pavilion
Mar 9, 2020

The value of your property lies not just in the structure where you hang your hat, but in the surrounding land that truly makes your home a castle.  Owning land sets you apart from the average apartment or condo, adding desirable attributes such as natural beauty and outdoor entertaining space that infer not only monetary, but also use value.

Of course, you have to do your part to make the most of yard space.  This starts with lush landscape design, as well as the addition of practical and attractive hardscape elements like patios and walkways.  It’s also a good idea to install suitable hardscape and landscape lighting, and you might even want to add a swimming pool or fire pit for additional entertaining opportunities.

For Rock Valley, Iowa homeowners, some form of shelter could also be extremely useful, and this is where site structures like pergolas and pavilions enter the picture.  How can these backyard additions add value to your property?

Added Use Value with Outdoor Rooms

Technically, exterior site structures don’t add to the recognized square footage of your home, but that doesn’t mean these outdoor rooms won’t deliver incredible use value, offering a covered space to shade you from the sun or keep the rain off your head.  Every resident of Sioux City, Iowa and surrounding areas understands the impact weather can have when it comes to enjoying your yard space.

With a pergola or pavilion, you can still partake of outdoor spaces with less worry about taking the sun full-blast or getting pelted with rain.  When you add elements like built-in lighting, privacy curtains, lounge furniture, and more, you’ll gain incredible use value from these covered structures, whether you opt for the full coverage of a pavilion or you let light filter through when you train plants over the slats of a pergola.

Enjoy a Versatile Entertaining Space

Pergolas and pavilions not only offer some measure of protection from the elements; they also provide a flexible space for you and your family to lounge, or alternately, to entertain guests.  Because these structures feature open sides, there’s nothing to stop you from adding or removing furniture as you see fit.

You might want to arrange lounge chairs or a dining table in your structure for daily family use, but you could certainly change it up for an outdoor soiree by adding a rolling bar and cocktail tables, or you may want to bring in a grill and long tables with folding chairs for a backyard BBQ.  With a versatile pergola or pavilion, there’s no end to entertaining opportunities.

Increase Monetary Value and Appeal

Adding a site structure might not deliver the same return on investment as, say, a swimming pool or outdoor kitchen, but it will increase the appeal of your property, and likely the property value.  Not every backyard features this handy addition, and anyone interested in enjoying their outdoor spaces or entertaining frequently will certainly appreciate a home that offers a virtual outdoor room such as a pergola or pavilion.