Benefits of having a paver patio pool deck

Benefits of having a paver patio pool deck
Feb 10, 2020

If you are considering an in-ground pool for your Rocky Valley, Iowa home, one of the best ideas for decking around the structure is pavers. Deck pavers in stone, brick or concrete are visually stunning, stand up well to harsh outdoor elements and the effects of chlorinated water, and add a valuable safety component.

The latter is of utmost importance for any pool area. Deck pavers are highly resistant to years of wear and tear and provide a reliable non-slip surface to help guard against falls and injury from the inevitable play of high-energy kids. Let’s look at some other advantages of pool deck pavers:

Atmosphere is everything

Deck pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can dramatically influence an authentic and welcoming look to pool surrounds. These pavers are nothing if not versatile, allowing you to create the ideal setting for your backyard escape, whether it is a seaside vibe with light colors or deeper tones that match surrounding landscapes.

Durability and strength

Pool deck pavers are the go-to choice for your Sioux Center, Iowa pool area. Choosing the right paver type will offer enduring strength to hold up to constant foot traffic, excess water splashing, intense summer sun, and even freezing temperatures for northern-dwelling homeowners. Pavers are constructed with tremendous force that makes them very dense and able to withstand dramatic temperature swings. In cold-weather states, you can select pavers tested with freeze-thaw durability indicators for added peace of mind. In warmer months, pavers are also naturally impervious to insects, mold, and rotting.

Affordable and easy to install

Deck pavers are a very cost-effective alternative option to natural stone and are often easy to install, particularly when using a mortar-less process. In fact, installing without mortar is great for ambitious DIY-ers. Even better, you are not limited to flat areas; incorporate retaining walls to create inviting, multilevel patio areas. In the end, the interlocking bond holds everything together with vise-like grip.

Easily repairable and low maintenance

Another very attractive incentive for pool deck pavers is they are easily repaired. If one paver out in the middle of everything sustains a crack or a corner chips away, you can simply remove it and replace with a new one; like fitting in a puzzle piece. You don’t have to break apart an entire area, even in the event of frost heaves or intruding tree root—remove the paver(s), repair the ground issue, and replace the paver.

Regular maintenance is a snap as well. Pavers don’t attract and absorb dirt and that means they’ll look their best for years.

Expansion potential

Pool deck pavers also offer the opportunity to expand your outdoor living space over time, creating additional areas for built-in fire pitsoutdoor dining or private garden grottos. Freestanding walls provide individual spaces and privacy, as well as thoughtfully placed trees and other plantings for a complete and visually stunning outdoor living and entertaining space.

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