Bring a Warm and Relaxing Feeling to Your Backyard with an Outdoor Fireplace

Jan 15, 2018

If you love the great outdoors and the relaxing feeling you get from communing with nature, chances are you’ve taken steps to turn your boring backyard into the welcoming oasis you prefer. You’ve added dynamic landscape design to create a lush outdoor space that not only offers visual appeal, but also ensures privacy screening from neighbors.

You may have installed a pavilion or pergola to delineate dining or lounging spaces and provide protection from the elements while you enjoy the outdoors. Perhaps you’ve even installed calming water features or added the functionality of an outdoor kitchen. In other words, you’re making the most of your Sioux Falls backyard.

Or are you? The summers in this region are notoriously short, and when fall and winter weather set in, you’ll be forced to pack up your outdoor furniture and head indoors. This can greatly limit enjoyment of your recreational space. That is, of course, unless you add an outdoor fireplace to the mix. Here are just a few reasons to include this essential item in your backyard design.

Increase Use Value
One of the biggest benefits of installing an outdoor fireplace in Sioux Falls is the added use value you’ll enjoy from your backyard. Not only does this feature allow you to remain outdoors late into the evening, enjoying a source of light and heat long after darkness has fallen, but it also provides for almost year-round use of your outdoor space.

The chill of spring and fall need not drive you indoors. With the addition of a fireplace, you and your guests can huddle and enjoy outdoor dining or drinks with the leaves of fall rustling underfoot or the first green shoots of spring peeking up. You might not want to linger long outdoors during harsh winter weather, even with the flames crackling in your outdoor fireplace, but extending your usage from one season to three is a major improvement.

Create a Focal Point and Gathering Spot
People naturally tend to congregate around fireplaces, either for warmth or for the cheerful glow after the sun has set. Your fireplace could add a focal point to your yard during daylight hours and serve as a place for family members and guests to chat or roast marshmallows on a summer evening, especially if you add suitable seating.

Add Ambience
It’s not enough to create a pretty picture with your backyard design, not unless all you want to do is look at it out the window. If you want your yard to become a functional and welcoming entertaining space for family and friends, you need to add not only utility, but also ambience to the space. An outdoor fireplace can provide both.

When it comes to creating a warm, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere, few amenities are better suited to your needs than an outdoor fireplace. The golden glow of a fire provides illumination, while the warmth attracts chilly guests to nestle close and engage in intimate conversation. This is exactly the type of atmosphere that encourage your closest family and friends to relax and make them want to come back for more.