Different Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard with Pavers

Jan 31, 2019

Some people think laying down swaths of sod is good enough when it comes to landscaping, but grass does not a landscape design make.  If you want a mesmerizing, oasis-like outdoor space in which to lounge with your family and entertain friends, you’re going to have to include a variety of grasses, shrubs, trees, and flowering plants for color, fragrance, and visual variety, not only during the summer months, but throughout the year.  When done right, you’ll also enjoy abundant shade and privacy in your personal, natural retreat.

Your work isn’t done yet, though.  You’ll also want to ensure that your yard is easy to traverse and that you have the foundations in place to create seating areas.  This means adding pavers to your yard, and there are several things you’ll want to consider when determining the best ways to use pavers to beautify and enhance your Rock Valley, Iowa outdoor living spaces.

Functional Additions

In design, it is said that form follows function, and when it comes to pavers, the primary function is essentially flooring.  Pavers are a great addition if you want to make your yard space more functional with pathways leading from your home to gates, a garage, or features like a pavilion or a fire pit, just for example.

Pavers are also ideal for patio seating areas, where they can be laid in a grid or other patterns to create a flat and stable area for a table and chairs or other outdoor furniture.  They can also be set around a pool or water feature, as well as fire features to create delineation and more seating areas.

Beautifying Your Outdoor Space

Deciding where to put pavers is step one when adding hardscaping to your yard.  The next step is figuring out which pavers will best suit your needs, and how you want to situate them for aesthetic appeal.

There are endless options to choose from, including materials, colors, shapes, and sizes, so you have almost unlimited options when it comes to selecting the perfect pavers to go with existing architecture and landscaping, as well as suit your personal design preferences.  You could opt for a uniform look, or use a variety of complementary pavers to create an overall aesthetic.

You could even create intricate, mosaic-like designs.  You’ll also want to decide if you’re going to fit pavers closely together or leave some space for grass or gravel to peek through as part of the design.  Your talented landscape and hardscape design experts can provide options and advice to help you select the best look for your yard.

Surprising Uses for Pavers

You don’t have to stick to traditional uses for pavers in your Sioux Center, Iowa backyard.  If you want to add more hardscaping to your design for practical or aesthetic purposes, you might consider stacking pavers to create borders for planting beds, free-standing planter boxes, retaining walls, bench seating, or any number of other additions.  There are so many possibilities when you use your imagination or work with your landscape design specialist to come up with creative ideas.