Fire Pits: Outdoor Art that Also Brings Your Family Closer Together

Aug 20, 2018

When you start planning the layout of your backyard, you’ll no doubt find yourself caught up in the excitement of choosing the perfect flora to create your outdoor refuge.  Once you have your landscape design nailed down, you can add in hardscape features like pathways and patios that will make your yard more functional, lighting to take your soirees into the evening hours, and even an outdoor kitchen to ensure you have everything in place for entertaining.

After all of this, you may look over your masterpiece and realize there’s something missing.  You’ve forgotten the focal point!  It’s not too late to add in a fire feature that will elevate the appeal of your outdoor space both functionally and visually.  If you want an artistic installment that not only dazzles the eye but provides heat and light for the comfort of your guests, here are just a few things to consider when adding an attractive fire feature to your Rock Valley, Iowa backyard.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Before you turn your eye to the artistry of your fire feature, you’ll want to follow functional guidelines in the placement of this gathering spot.  For example, you’ll need to make sure it’s situated far enough away from structures for safety (unless you choose a model designed to abut a wall) and that it won’t create a hazard related to landscaping (open flame under a tree with low branches is a no-no).

Don’t forget to consider how breezes moving through the yard are likely to whip the flame around since you want to ensure the greatest comfort for anyone in proximity.  Think about how big of a space you’ll need around the fire feature to accommodate guests, as well.  Your landscape and hardscape specialist can help you to hammer out all of these details and pick the perfect place for your focal point.

Selecting the Right Style

Just because you want a creative fire feature doesn’t mean you should go off the rails.  In order to make your yard a cohesive extension of your home you need to select a style that works well with existing architecture.  Luckily, this gives you a lot of latitude.  You don’t necessarily have to get matchy-matchy – you simply have to find a configuration and materials that complement the surroundings and the structures on your property.  In other words, you can get artsy as long as you don’t create an eyesore.

Pairing Art and Architecture

How can you create a fire feature that serves as outdoor art?  You can start with the materials you choose, whether you want rustic stone, rounded river rocks, or a metallic bowl to house your fire.  From there you could create a patio surround to extend the scope of your feature, perhaps fanning out a pattern of pavers to enhance the artistry of your design.  You could put up a pergola off to one side to disrupt the wind and add height and depth to your tableau.  There’s just no end to the ways you can make your fire feature unique and personal, creating a truly spectacular and artistic focal point for your Sioux Center, Iowa backyard.