Get More Use Out of Your Yard with a Fire Pit

Get More Use Out of Your Yard with a Fire Pit
Aug 19, 2019

There are a lot of ways to improve the functional and aesthetic appeal of your backyard.  Once you have a plan for landscape design and you’ve decided where you want patios and walkways to go, you might start to think about adding an in-ground pool for summer fun, or a smaller water feature for Zen appeal.

You could even install an outdoor kitchen that dramatically increases opportunities to entertain and socialize.  The upgrades you choose can do more than just improve the utility of your outdoor spaces – they can also add to your property value.

However, if you’re looking for a great way to turn your backyard into the ideal social hangout, there’s no better way than by installing a fire pit.  This feature will allow you to enjoy the outdoors almost year-round, and create the focal point that ensures you get the most use out of your yard.  Here are just a few benefits to installing a fire pit in your Sioux Center, Iowa backyard.

Create a Social Gathering Spot

One of the best reasons to install a fire pit in your yard is for the purposes of socialization.  This central feature not only acts as an attractive focal point to anchor your landscaping and hardscaping features, but it also draws people together in a single location in the yard so they can talk, relax, and enjoy quality time together.  For the younger members of your family and friend group, it also makes for a great selfie spot that’s #picoftheday worthy.

Keep the Party Going After Dark

While you can certainly add landscape and hardscape lighting to your yard, and you should for safety and utility, it doesn’t hurt to consider other lighting options that set the mood so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces long after the sun goes down.  The golden, flickering light of your fire pit can gently illuminate your yard long into the night without annoying the neighbors like brighter flood lights or other electric lighting might.

Banish Seasonal Chill

Iowa residents know that winter weather gets downright freezing, and this will likely prevent you from enjoying the outdoors, even if you have a fire pit.  However, when the summer turns to fall and the nights get chilly, a blazing fire can help to keep cool temperatures at bay so you can get the most use out of your yard leading up to snowfall, not to mention in the spring when snow starts to melt.

Add Ambience

With so many options for electric lighting, you can create a mood with colored lights or Edison bulbs, but there’s just something about the flicker of firelight that makes a space feel homey and inviting.  If you want to create a comfortable, relaxing vibe that supports easy socialization, adding a fire pit is a great way to imbue your yard with welcoming ambience.

The perfect fire pit for your Rock Valley, Iowa home awaits when you partner with the talented and creative team at Outdoor Elements.  Contact us today at 712-476-5299 or online to learn more.