How to Get the Most Value from Your Outdoor Kitchen

Jan 12, 2018

You might not think you need more than a grill to gain the greatest enjoyment from your backyard, but when you decide to add an outdoor kitchen, you’ll not only increase the utility and entertaining potential of your home, but you can also add monetary value to your Sioux Falls property.

However, you need to carefully consider how to get the most value from your outdoor kitchen design, not only in terms of potential return on investment down the line, but also in the way of use value in the meantime. You want a kitchen that offers the functionality your family needs and the style that suits your architecture and your own sensibilities.Here are a few tips to get the greatest value from your outdoor kitchen.

Choose Location Carefully
You might want to place your outdoor kitchen near an entertaining area like a swimming pool, water feature, or dining pavilion, but you’re better off placing it near the house, and preferably near an entryway that leads to the indoor kitchen. Since you’ll likely have to shuttle items like food, dishware, and cooking implements between your two kitchens, having an easy conduit in close proximity offers the greatest convenience.

Include Essential Amenities
If you want to, you can go all out when building your outdoor kitchen, but if you’re not sure which items are going to add the most value, there are a few essential amenities to consider. You certainly want a cooking surface such as a grill and/or stove, as well as counter space needed for food prep and plating. It’s also a good idea to have easy access to water, so including a sink in your plans is wise.

From there you probably want to include a mini fridge to keep food items and beverages chilled and easily accessible until you’re ready to serve. These are the basics of a functional outdoor kitchen, although the sky is the limit. You might also add convenience with the inclusion of an oven or warming drawer, a wine fridge, cabinets to house dedicated cookware, dishes, and other supplies, and perhaps even a small dishwasher so you don’t have to cart heavy pots and pans between indoor and outdoor cooking spaces.

Add to a Larger Entertaining Space
If you want to create an outdoor haven to entertain guests spring, summer, and fall, consider adding an outdoor kitchen to a larger entertaining space. You could, for example, attach a large, covered pavilion to the patio area of your home to house a kitchen, a dining area, and a lounge area complete with suitable furniture, electronics, and even a fireplace.

This plan will add immense value to your property and provide you the opportunity to utilize your outdoor entertaining space almost year-round. You’ll get to enjoy your beautiful landscaping and commune with nature whether you’re cooking a family meal, hosting a summer BBQ, or watching football games late into fall with a merry fire burning. In order to get the most value from your outdoor kitchen, consider how you’ll use it now, as well as how to add the greatest appeal for potential buyers later on.