Hardscape Cleaning and Maintenance

Nov 12, 2018

While most Rock Valley, Iowa homeowners put a lot of time and attention into maintaining their landscaping and water features, they might not devote the same attention to upkeep where their hardscaping is concerned.  While hardscaping doesn’t necessarily require frequent attention in the same way your lawn or garden does, you do need regular maintenance to keep it looking fantastic and avoid undue damage that could reduce the usable life of your pavers.

If you’ve never engaged in hardscape cleaning and maintenance before, you might be surprised to learn that there are several steps involved.  What does this process entail and how often do you need to conduct maintenance to keep your hardscaping pristine and ensure ongoing usage?  Here are the basics of hardscape cleaning and maintenance.


The surface of your pavers can get extremely dirty and stained over time if you don’t bother to clean regularly.  You could reduce the potential for grime buildup by hosing down patios and walkways every few weeks, but whether you do this or not, you should schedule a power wash at least once a year.  Start with spot cleaning before you power wash to treat the overall surface layer of grime.

It’s important that you know if your pavers are sealed or not, as this can impact any cleansers you choose.  if you notice a stain, especially grease or oil, it’s best to clean it as soon as possible before it can set it.  Once you’ve treated stains, it’s time to power wash.  You can do this on your own, but be aware that it’s easy to damage pavers and joints by accident if you don’t know what you’re doing, so you might be better off hiring professionals for this task.

Don’t forget to address any eyesores like weeds that have grown up between pavers.  These are not only unsightly, but if left untended, they can grow into a major problem, damaging joints and even the pavers themselves over time.


Not all pavers are protected with a sealant, but if yours are, you should know that you’ll need to reseal every so often to continue enjoying the benefits sealants provide (i.e. protection from the elements and a barrier against staining).  Sealant could be applied annually or as needed.

The frequency will depend on your climate, the amount of dirt and debris that tends to deposit, and how often you clean, among other factors.  Again, you can try sealing on your own, but it’s probably better to let professionals handle this task.


During cleaning, you may notice that some of your pavers or joints have suffered damage like cracks, chips, or breakage from accidents, settling of soil underneath, or wear and tear, for example.  When you discover damage, you should repair or replace pavers.  If you leave such problems untended, they could worsen over time, and broken or unstable pavers could become a hazard.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can keep the hardscaping elements in your Sioux Center, Iowa yard looking like new and extend the life of your pavers, but you may need some help to do so.