How to choose the best pavers to surround your pool

How to choose the best pavers to surround your pool
Sep 2, 2019

You’ve dreamed for years of having an in-ground pool in your backyard and now it’s in there. All pool systems are go and the final step before you fill it with water and jump in is to select pavers for final landscape design touches.

Sounds easy enough. How hard can it be to choose some stone and set it in there? With a vast selection of paver shapes, sizes, colors, and material; choosing can be as challenging as installing. But you want your Sioux Center or Rock Valley, Iowa poolscape to look its best, so picking out the perfect poolside pavers (say that five times fast) is an important step.

A sound surround

In landscape-speak, the hardscape around a pool is referred to as a surround. It is often also called a deck, or decking. Yes, the term deck commonly brings visions of a traditional wood or composite outdoor deck but pools share the verbiage. Pool surrounds are traditionally made up of concrete, brick, or pavers; and are often designed to match other nearby landscaping and create a natural transition from the pool area to other destinations.

A pool surround also acts as its frame as well as a safe walking space around it. Many homeowners choose to stretch the size of a surround for additional accoutrements such as pool furniture, barbeque or outdoor kitchen equipment, or entertaining space.

How to choose pool surround materials

When it comes to selecting the ideal pool surround material, it’s about more than good looks and convenience. There are several important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Choose a safe material that doesn’t turn ice rink slippery when wet.
  • Heat-reflective material does wonders in keeping the surface cool on hot summer days.
  • Many modern surround materials are resistant to algae, chemicals, mildew, and frost; a big plus in the maintenance department.
  • Take the time to choose a material that blends seamlessly with other walkways, retaining walls, and complementing hardscape areas.

Pool pavers

Pavers are a very common choice for pool surrounds and they have plenty of versatility to blend well with the rest of your backyard hardscape design. Paver material typically includes stone, concrete, and aggregate; and come in most any size and shape you desire. Other pavers may be made of glass, stone, brick, clay, glass, or plastic.

Interlocking concrete pavers are wildly popular and a great alternative to plain concrete. Manufacturers design them to look like cobblestone or tile or brick and they are an excellent, budget-friendly choice. Stone pavers are an excellent go-to for their beauty and durability. Concrete pavers are also readily available and easy to replace.

Negatives to consider with concrete pavers are a permanent border is required to ensure they all remain in place, and concrete has a tendency to take on an industrial look. This may not be a bad thing depending on your home’s look, but it is something to consider.

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