How to transform your backyard with an arbor or pergola

How to transform your backyard with an arbor or pergola
Jul 15, 2019

You know those neighbors whose yard makes you green with envy? You can be those neighbors. In fact, your garden can surpass theirs! (Not that it’s a competition or anything. . . ). That’s the good news. The even better news is that you can do so without having to grow a green thumb overnight!

Furthermore, you won’t need to acquire magical seeds or even hire an expert gardner. It’s a common misconception that a beautiful garden requires a thorough knowledge of gardening and a way with a shovel, but that’s not strictly true. There are ways to transform your garden that aren’t as well-known but just as effective. The secret we’re sharing here is simple: site structures.

Pergolas and arbors will transform your garden from an ordinary lawn into a unique backyard retreat that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to landscaping, it’s important to treat your backyard as an extension of your home and not merely a plot of land. Therefore, just as you would want any room in your home to be both lovely and functional, pergolas and arbors help you do the same with your outdoor space.

Pergolas: A shade better

One of the key elements to creating the complete backyard experience is shade. It’s hard to enjoy a refreshing cocktail in the summer evening when the sun is still hurting your eyes and making you uncomfortably warm. Pergolas ensure that you have a space where you can entertain and relax outdoors in the filtered shade all year long—regardless of when the sun is setting. This is especially true with the addition of an attractive fire feature!

With the installation of a gorgeous and functional pergola, you no longer have to worry about having plenty of trees in the backyard or planting dozens of shrubs. You can enjoy your Rock Valley, Iowa home twice as much and have a multitude of fun times with friends and family in your outdoor haven.

Arbors: A romantic getaway   

Flowers aren’t the only source of romance in the world of gardens. Arbors add a charming space to your backyard along with more shade over walkways and seating. Additionally, their wooden or metal structures can be paired with beautiful climbing plants to enhance the area further. Arbors bring whimsy, romance and adventure into your garden and daily life without traveling or exotic plants.

Growing a beautiful garden takes a lot of time and energy, not to mention plant expertise which the average person just doesn’t have. Site structures such as pergolas and arbors are an easier way to transform your garden which will set you apart from the rest and add an incredible value to your Rock Valley or Sioux Center, Iowa home.

Landscaping and garden design can be overwhelming and seem unattainable. We’re here to help you make your backyard dreams come true and transform your lot into a true garden that helps you live the life you imagined in your Rock Valley or Sioux Center, Iowa home. Visit our contact page and we’ll get started!