Important Details to Consider when Designing and Building a Fire Pit

Jul 9, 2018

When I was a kid, my dad dug a hole in the backyard, lined the edge with giant river rocks, and boom, we had a fire pit.  As an adult, I kind of wonder what he was thinking.  It certainly fit our budget back then, but I wouldn’t wager a guess as to whether or not it was safe.

The point is, it’s always best to leave such pursuits up to the professionals.  The average person wouldn’t install, say, an outdoor kitchen without some professional help, so why try to install a fire pit on your own when there are pros that can eliminate risk factors and give you the beautiful, functional, and safe fire feature you need to complete your Rock Valley, Iowa backyard?  You still have a lot of say in the design process, and there are several details you’ll need to consider.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes and naturally, they can be custom designed to suit your available space.  This means your professional installer can work a fire pit into your existing landscape design and help you to create a fire feature that perfectly suits the scope of your yard.

How Do You Generally Entertain?

Whether your outdoor oasis is largely reserved for immediate family or you like to entertain dozens of your closest friends on frequent occasions, you want to make sure the fire pit you install is sized to accommodate your average crowd.  A small fire pit designed for just a few people can make for a wonderfully intimate setting, whereas a larger model can ensure a blaze that keeps all of your guests nice and toasty on chilly fall evenings.

Do You Want a Focal Point or a Footnote?

When planning the overall design of your Sioux Center, Iowa yard, you might naturally focus on foundational elements like landscape design and hardscape additions.  However, you also need to consider whether or not your yard will have a focal point.  Some people add a pool or other water feature, while others want an impressive structure like a pergola or pavilion.  You may decide that the fire feature should be the central draw in your yard.

Your design and installation pro can help you to determine if this is right for your yard.  Keep in mind that there are practical factors affecting the placement of your fire pit, such as proximity to structures or existing landscaping, as well as the way air flows through your space.  That said, there are often ways to get the placement you want with a little planning.

What is the Style of Your Home?

Before you choose a fire pit you need to consider how it fits with the style of your home.  You want to install an attractive addition that compliments your property rather than creating an eyesore, so work with your designer to choose materials and a configuration that will best suit the style of your existing architecture.  This will add both monetary and use value to your property.