Increase your home value with a paver patio

Increase your home value with a paver patio
Nov 25, 2019

A widely known and respected opinion among professional contractors and savvy homeowners is that landscaping is one of the most efficient and enduring ways to boost the value of a home. So much so, in fact, that some experts in the field claim well-designed landscaping can bring a return on investment of 200-300 percent.

Flying slightly under the radar in this arena, however, is the value of your property’s hardscape, including everything from fire pits to retaining walls. Standing tall in the hardscape realm are paver patios, one of the best approaches to add pizzazz to your home’s look and instantly increase its value. Real estate pros largely agree that for nearly every buyer in particular regions of the country, a backyard patio adds a significant wow factor that almost always makes a home sell faster, easier, and for a higher cost. Let’s look at some of the headliner benefits of incorporating a paver patio to your Rock Valley, Iowa home.


A good share of home remodeling projects or other modifications come with substantial headaches, but paver patios offer almost instant gratification. You don’t have to wait days or even weeks for a poured concrete patio t cure before breaking out the grill and picnic table. Best of all, the interlocking design built into pavers means you can set the stones easily, quickly, and without mortar.

Keep in mind, however, that patio installation is generally a step above typical DIY skills. One mistake in the patio’s base, for example, will lead to serious issues down the line that might require a major overhaul. In addition, masonry work and compacting processes require a little finesse and this type of work is best left to pros with all of the right equipment.

Durable for the long haul

The same interlocking design that makes pavers easy to install also keeps them durable. A paver patio at your Sioux Center, Iowa home will flex with natural shifts in the ground as well as daily activities like driving in and out of the driveway. Whereas concrete can stain or crack (which is virtually impossible to fix), pavers are installed without mortar. If a particular stone develops a crack, you can painlessly trade it for a new one. As a bonus, pavers demand very little maintenance; once installed, you have many years of enjoyment and entertaining ahead of you.

Ruggedly elegant good looks

We know that installing a paver patio is a smart and strategic decision for boosting home value for the long term, but another great perk is these types of stone patios look amazing. With literally hundreds of possible design combinations to match your home’s exterior or complementing landscaping, paver patio options are only limited to your imagination. From simple designs to intricate and a wide color selection, a paver patio is like waving a magic wand to make your home’s look shine.

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