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Irrigation and Turf Installation

Are you tired of looking at the dead grass, or worse, exposed dirt in your yard where a lush, green lawn should be? Are you sick of keeping kids and pets indoors because of the dust they track in from the outside? Wouldn't you love to invite family and friends to relax in your luxurious backyard, surrounded by verdant flora and the crisp smell of freshly mown grass?

Both the hot and cold seasons in Sioux Center and Rock Valley, IA or Sioux Falls, SD can be murder on your lawn, but that doesn't mean you have to throw in the towel and learn to live with a barren wasteland of a backyard. When you partner with the landscaping experts at Outdoor Elements Inc., you can enjoy the inviting, emerald, outdoor carpeting you've been pining for. All you need is a helping hand from our irrigation and turf installation specialists.

Utility and Convenience

Why spend another day grappling with a garden hose and sprinkler that leave you with nothing to show for your efforts but a patchy lawn and outrageous water bills? Outdoor Elements Inc. is here to help, with a custom plan for irrigation that will keep you on course to maintain a vibrant, uniform lawn once you've had new turf installed.

Don't waste another minute struggling to revive dry, dead grass. Forget your frustration with irrigation methods that allow half your water to evaporate before it even penetrates the soil. We work with you to select the irrigation method that will provide the utility and convenience you prefer for all of your landscaping, whether you need pop-up sprinkler heads for your lawn or drip lines for your flower beds.

From there we can transform your boring backyard into a beautiful, grassy expanse in the blink of an eye with turf installation. Controls and timers for irrigation ensure that you never again have to try to remember which days you can water your lawn. With little to no effort, your grass will remain as green and lush as the day it was installed.

Creative Designs

You've got your heart set on a stellar lawn, and we can provide it with ease by incorporating irrigation elements at the same time as we install your new turf, ensuring long-lasting greenery for your outdoor lounging delight. However, this is just the tip of the landscaping iceberg.

Why settle for grass when you can have a fully-landscaped yard, complete with everything from flowers and trees to water features, lighting, and hardscape elements, including patios and more? Our team of designers is ready to realize your vision of the perfect exterior retreat, or provide you with inspiration and guidance to transform your yard into the lounging and entertaining space you'll use day in and day out.

Luxurious Landscaping

When it comes to something like turf installation, you might think you can go it alone, but you're likely to end up right back where you started - with unsightly, dead grass. Let our qualified team of experts do it right the first time with proper irrigation and turf installation, along with any other landscaping upgrades you may need. Contact Outdoor Elements Inc. today at to bring your lawn back to life.

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