Landscape Design, Build, & Maintenance in Sioux Falls

Professional Landscape Design, Build, and Maintenance Services

Your landscaping provides more than simple curb appeal.  While it can make your home more attractive when well-maintained, it also creates a welcoming atmosphere, boosts your property value, increases privacy and shade, and gives you the opportunity to kick back, relax, and commune with nature when you need a break from your busy life.  However, the average person doesn’t have the first idea how to go about creating and executing a plan for landscaping that complements the home and makes the most of a given outdoor space.

This is where the creativity and expertise of professional landscapers comes in handy, and the specialists at Outdoor Elements are happy to help.  We’re pleased to offer our services to residents of Sioux Falls, SD, as well as regions in and around nearby Sioux Center and Rock Valley, Iowa.  When you need end-to-end solutions for your landscape that include designing, building, and maintaining the flora that beautifies your property, Outdoor Elements is the partner you’re looking for.

Innovative Design

Most people lack the time and expertise needed to create a compelling and inviting outdoor space, which is why it’s so important to find a seasoned partner like Outdoor Elements to turn your ideas into a functional and attractive backyard.  Our innovative design team has the skill and experience to provide you with unique landscaping design concepts that incorporate myriad elements to create a cohesive whole.

Your perfect Sioux Falls yard space may call for landscaping that provides you with lush greenery, fragrant flowers, ample shade, and privacy screening.  However, many homeowners also need hardscaping solutions like patios, pathways, and raised planters.  For late-night use you’ll need adequate lighting.  You may want appealing extras like a soothing water feature, a fire pit that acts as a focal point, a pavilion for added shelter, or a gourmet outdoor kitchen.

At Outdoor Elements, we strive to create a complete and cohesive outdoor space that meets all your needs and aesthetic preferences.  Your personalized landscape design is only the beginning.

Experienced Build

The skilled and experienced team of professionals at Outdoor Elements is more than qualified to install your landscape as specified in your final designs.  The elements you select will be installed with care and attention to detail and our conscientious team will go out of their way to minimize disruption to your life throughout the installation process.  We work hard to deliver every project on time and within your budget for your convenience and satisfaction.

Targeted Maintenance for Your Sioux Falls Landscaping

An innovative design and expert installation are a great start, but you’ll need to maintain your landscaping if you want it to remain lush and vibrant year after year.  This is why the experts at Outdoor Elements recommended adding an irrigation system and scheduling regular maintenance to keep every element of your yard in perfect condition.

Your yard should complement your home and display your personal style, as well as provide a functional and inviting gathering space for family and friends.  Contact Outdoor Elements at 712-476-5299 or to schedule a consultation and start your landscape design, build, and maintenance project today.