Light Up Your Outdoor Kitchen With These Hot Trends

Light Up Your Outdoor Kitchen With These Hot Trends
Jun 17, 2019

Your brand new outdoor kitchen is taking shape and you beam with pride every time you walk out there. It won’t be long before you’re kicking back on a lounge chair after a long day or hosting a lively party at your Sioux Center, Iowa home.

And you’re not alone. Did you know that nearly 80 percent of U.S households have an outdoor grill or similar cooker? Indeed, the great outdoors in our own backyards is wildly popular these days and outdoor kitchens are their heartbeat.

A key element in outdoor kitchen design is the lighting. It’s not easy (or graceful) to try and grill a steak in a dark space with a flashlight and hope for the best. You need light. Where to install, how much, how bright, and even light colors are all details to consider. While the ultimate decision comes down personal taste and other nearby landscapes, today’s latest trends might help you make the final choice. Let’s look at what’s hot in lighting up outdoor kitchens.

Shine Down on Me

You can’t beat direct lighting right above the grill area to ensure you don’t miss a beat cooking up those burgers and keeping the prep area spic and span. Call it the cook’s task lighting and a separate switch can be installed nearby for quick on and off.

Out of Sight Elegance

Placing lighting underneath countertops or bar tops is a hit on many levels. Most of all, it looks fantastic. There’s just something about a soft glow emanating from beneath a Pina Colada. Under-countertop lighting also lends a helping hand in locating the mini fridge and built-in cabinets and keeps you from tripping over the dropped spatula hidden in shadows.

A spinoff of this type of outdoor lighting is LED light tape in all kinds of colors. You can spice up your Rock Valley, Iowa outdoor kitchen with colored lights for holidays, weddings, and other special events.

Set the Mood

Steer clear of the fluorescents. The latest LED lighting options open up a whole new world. You can hang pendant lighting from overhangs or install an extravagant chandelier to create the perfect outdoor kitchen atmosphere. Add dimmer and different colors to set the ideal ambiance for every occasion. Take it a step further and opt for motion-sensor lights for hands-free hosting at your next Rock Valley, Iowa soiree.

Give it a Spin

If your outdoor kitchen is partially covered with a roof structure, it will most likely include a ceiling fan. In addition to cooling things down on hot summer nights, smartly chosen and placed lights as part of or near the fan brings light to meal time.

Lounge Lighting

Outdoor kitchens attract guests like skeeters to a bug zapper. Intersperse table or floor lamps in seating areas near your Sioux Center, Iowa kitchen for a comfy gathering space that doesn’t intrude on the chef. A few strategically placed ground level lights on the walkway to the kitchen add extra ambiance.

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