Outdoor Structure Options for Your Backyard: Which One is Right for You?

Outdoor Structure Options for Your Backyard: Which One is Right for You?
Mar 23, 2020

Even with lush landscape design to make your backyard beautiful, fragrant, and inviting, you may find yourself contending with a variety of common deficiencies.  For example, your landscaping may not provide enough coverage to protect against sun and rain.  Or you might not have enough private seating areas to accommodate guests.  You may crave more visual interest in your yard if bushes and trees have been placed mainly around the perimeter for privacy.

With the right site structures in your Rock Valley, Iowa yard, you have the opportunity to combat these issues, create the perfect solutions for each potential problem, and add to not only the use value of your yard, but the property value, as well.  Here are a few outdoor structures to consider and how to choose the right ones for your needs.


A pavilion is ideal if you’re looking for some measure of protection from the elements.  While open on all sides, this structure offers complete overhead coverage thanks to a full roof held up by pillars.  This versatile site structure can be placed in an open area of the yard to act as a central gathering point and provide a largely unfettered view of the yard and your home.  It’s ideal to place next to an inground pool or even a fire pit for entertaining purposes.

Another great reason to install a pavilion is to protect your outdoor kitchen, not to mention the cook using it.  Rain or shine, a pavilion will help to keep the elements off of cooking and food prep surfaces, as well as ensure that you don’t suffer a sunburn or get wet while creating feasts for outdoor enjoyment.  If you don’t have a pool or an outdoor kitchen, at least consider how this site structure could enhance the use of your average patio, allowing for enjoyment even when weather conditions aren’t ideal.


A pergola, comprised of a slatted roof held up by pillars, will not provide the same level of protection as a pavilion, but it does offer unique visual appeal, along with other desirable features.  This structure is designed not only to be eye-catching, but functional.

Plants like vines and creepers can be trained up the sides of the structure to grow over the top, eventually providing a lush roof of foliage and flowers overhead, some of which may trail down from the top, creating a veritable secret garden in which to lounge as a family or host intimate luncheons or dinners with friends.  While the flora won’t provide total protection from the sun and rain, you will enjoy some shade, privacy, and ethereal, filtered light that makes you feel like you’ve stepping into another world.


Arbors are similar to pergolas, but much smaller.  These single or double archways are typically added to a pathway for visual interest or placed in a secluded nook of your yard with a bench or other seating underneath.  When plants are trained over the arch, you’ll end up with a hidden, intimate alcove perfect for reading a book or snuggling with your honey.

Any Sioux Center, Iowa yard can benefit from the addition of suitable site structures.  You’ll just need to consider the benefits of each to decide which ones are right for your yard.