How Pergolas and Pavilions Add Value to Your Home

Nov 17, 2017

When you purchase a new home, there are probably dozens of upgrades on your to-do list, both inside and out. If you’re lucky, your home already features the landscaping, hardscaping, and irrigation infrastructure needed to maintain a beautiful backyard oasis. This provides the perfect platform on which to begin personalizing your outdoor design with additions like a fire pit, a water feature, or pergolas and pavilions to enhance patio areas.

When adding pergolas or pavilions to your Sioux Falls backyard, you need to consider what you stand to gain in the process. How do these structures add to the use value, not to mention the monetary value of your home? Here are a few benefits you’ll gain when installing pergolas and pavilions.

Shade and Privacy

Pergolas and pavilions are more than just a pretty way to spice up an otherwise boring backyard. They are incredibly functional. You can situate them to create areas of shade in a sun-drenched yard, or add privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors. While these covered structures may block out the overhead sun entirely or allow filtered light to shine through, the sides remain open to allow unobstructed views of the yard.

That said, there are options to increase privacy screening. You can always add lattice or slats between posts to increase privacy, and even train climbing plants up the side for more greenery and an organic barrier that blocks out the neighbors. You could also add curtains for a more whimsical touch and increased design opportunities. Pergolas and pavilions are a great way to provide covered seating for inhabitants and guests or to simply create areas of shielded serenity for private lounging.

Focal Point

Functionality aside, pergolas and pavilions are an unexpected way to add visual appeal to your yard, whether it’s teeming with flora or you have little more than an expanse of lawn and a few trees. The focal point provided by these large structures can draw the eye and ensnare the imagination, depending on your design choices.

Perhaps you’re thrilled by the idea of a romantic, rose covered pergola perfect for romantic liaisons by moonlight. Or maybe you prefer the clean lines of an unadorned pavilion. With so many options to choose from, you’ll not only get the function you need, but also the focal point that best suits your style sensibilities.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Any time you can extend the usable square footage of your property, you’re going to increase appeal to buyers and potentially boost your home value. While pergolas and pavilions don’t technically increase the square footage of your home the same way a house addition would, for example, they do improve the utility of your outdoor living spaces, which increases leisure opportunities for prospective buyers.

Adding pergolas and pavilions to your backyard enhances the overall appeal of your property, improving both function and form. These structures may not bring the same return on investment as, say, an outdoor kitchen addition, but you’ll definitely garner more interest and have the option to bump up the asking price for your Sioux Falls home (as compared to comparable properties) when you include these backyard upgrades.