Plan Your Sprinkler System Spray Zone

Jan 18, 2019

If you go to the trouble of hiring a reputable landscape design firm to plan out a lush yard and maintain your Rock Valley, Iowa property, you naturally want your flora to remain vibrant and beautiful throughout the warmer months and come back strong after winter.  This not only requires you to choose the right plant life for your climate, but also to ensure that the greenery gets plenty of water so it can thrive.

In other words, you’re going to want to install a sprinkler system that will not only deliver proper hydration to your lawn, trees, and other plants, but that also eliminates the hassle of having to do it manually.  A suitable system will run on a timer so you never have to worry if your yard is receiving adequate water.  However, you do have to spend some time in the planning process to ensure correct coverage.  Here are just a few considerations when planning sprinkler system spray zones.

Coverage Versus Overlap

A top-down map view of your yard can help you to figure out proper placement for sprinkler heads, arranged on a grid, to ensure complete coverage of your lawn and planting areas.  With help from your landscape design specialist, you should be able to chart the locations of sprinklers using known data about the radius of spray so you can plot them accordingly to avoid missing areas and ending up with dry patches.

Of course, you also want to avoid overlap.  If several sprinklers overlap in one section of the yard, you could get double or triple the water (or more) needed to hydrate the ground, and this could inadvertently create swampy sections, lead to root rot, and kill plants just as quickly as under-watering.  It’s a delicate process, but with expert assistance you should be able to create a suitable plan for sprinklers that ensures good coverage without undue overlap.

Direction and Height of Spray

These are two important factors to consider when choosing sprinklers for your system and arranging them for optimal hydration.  You should know that there are different types of sprinklers available.  Some shoot water up and out in a circular arc.  Some are directional.  Others rotate to spread water around.

You needn’t choose only one type of sprinkler head for your system.  For example, circular spray patterns are ideal for large expanses of lawn, but you wouldn’t want them next to trees or in corners of the yard where much of the water will be wasted, or worse, cause damage.   You also have to be careful when placing sprinkler heads near structures like your home or a pavilion, where they could cause pooling at the base and lead to hazards like leaks, rot, mold, and so on.

Your sprinkler system adds function to your Sioux Center, Iowa yard and convenience to your life, but only if you make a plan for proper installation.  By working with a trusted landscape design specialist, you have the best chance to install a sprinkler system that is properly zoned to keep your plants healthy and lush without causing problems like swampiness, dry patches, or damage to structures.