Protecting Your Fire Pit in Rainy Climates

Protecting Your Fire Pit in Rainy Climates
May 6, 2019

Ahhh, it’s the end of a long day and your outdoor fire pit is just the thing you need to unwind. Fire pits are great for gathering family and friends for a relaxing evening of good company and making memories, and you invested a great deal of time and money into the centerpiece of your backyard landscaping. With summer rains on the horizon in the Rock Valley and Sioux Center, Iowa area, it’s important to take efforts to keep it looking and performing its best.

Depending on the location of your fire pit, the after effects of heavy or persistent rain can render it nothing but a soggy, inflammable mess. Here are four proven tips to keep the home fires burning.

Drainage Keeps Things Dry
Most commercial fire pit systems are designed to prevent water from getting in but you can’t rely solely on this element. The bottoms of the pit should include weep holes to allow drainage from below and there should also be a drain under the pit’s pan to prevent water from pooling.

If your pit is located near a natural slope, take advantage and construct a contoured drainage “ditch” to funnel excess water away.

Cover it Up
The easiest way to keep rainwater out of your fire pit is to cover it. Many options of vinyl or metal covers are available and easy to use. They block out errant debris as well and keep a fire pit tidy and dry, ready for its next event. Metal covers offer an additional aesthetic touch that can be modified to accent your property’s surroundings. Copper, for example, offers a rustic shine or the classic green/blue patina.

Give your pit a regular cleaning too. A mix of rain and ash makes an unsightly sludge that is much more difficult to clean the acidity is very destructive to metal and stone. If sticks and leaves and water are allowed to build up with the ash in an unruly pile, unpleasant odors come with it and that puts a damper on an evening of roasting marshmallows. In winter, that same pile will freeze and thaw, inviting rust and structural damage.

Store Movable Pits in Covered Areas
One of the best things about portable fire pits is, well, their mobility. Simply moving the pit into a shed, garage, or under a deck keeps it snug and dry during rainstorms. Remember to be sure the fire pit is fully cooled before storing in a covered area; fires can reignite a full day after they are “out.”

Stored inside or under cover and dry also maintains a fire pit’s quality, reduces maintenance, and greatly extends its lifespan.

Choose What Fits Best
Your backyard landscaping might be a simple, cozy go-to for end of the day rejuvenation or a dramatic reflection of personal taste. Indeed, options for fire pit designs are only limited by your imagination and the experts at Outdoor Elements take great pride in joining you to help create the perfect at-home retreat.

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