Residential Garden Landscape Design Trends

Mar 18, 2019

You might be surprised to learn that trends in landscaping change over time, but like any type of design, gardens change with the times and industry innovations.  Just think about the booming trade in boutique rose varietals.  For decades, scented roses were out of fashion, but today, people are relearning the art of stopping to smell the roses, and there are dozens of distinct scents to accommodate.

If you’re thinking about updating your Sioux Center, Iowa yard or you’ve recently purchased a home with minimal landscaping and you want to take it to the next level, here are just a few current residential garden landscape design trends for your consideration.

Adding Focal Site Structures

Your backyard may already feature a garage or shed, but for 2019, you’ll want to consider adding eye-catching, leisure-specific site structures like pergolas, pavilions, arbors, and so on that invite family members and friends to sit back and relax.  When you add thoughtfully designed structures that complement existing architecture and landscape design, you can create a focal point in your yard that begs guests to enter and enjoy your outdoor space.

Edible Landscaping

Forget traditional veggie gardens hidden near the back fence – edible landscaping has become the sustainable solution to the push for adding fresh, organic produce to the modern diet, paired with the need for new forms of visual interest in the backyard.  Instead of creating a dedicated plot for vegetables, place edible landscaping in planter beds, behind retaining walls, in containers throughout your yard, or edging paver patios or pathways.  You can even create hanging planting walls to take your garden vertical and assemble a beautiful herb garden display.

Staycation Inspiration

During the Great Recession, the idea of outdoor rooms entered the public consciousness.  With so many homeowners trying to hang on to underwater properties, with no prospects of upgrading to a larger home until the economy and home values improved, the concept of adding square footage with outdoor rooms and hospitable backyard spaces blossomed.

Today, that concept has expanded to include staycation style yards that offer the feeling of lounging in a fancy resort without having to leave your home.  For climates that aren’t exactly ideal for swimming pools, a good alternative is the addition of a natural water feature like a pond or stream for daytime serenity, as well as a fire feature for evening gatherings.  You’ll also want plenty of vertical landscaping for privacy screening from nosy neighbors.

Don’t forget to plan exterior living spaces like a gourmet outdoor kitchen and a covered patio complete with cozy lounge seating, a massive TV and theater-quality sound, and perhaps even a fireplace for added function and a warm, inviting aesthetic.  With a Rock Valley, Iowa backyard that’s like your own private resort, you can have a relaxing staycation every weekend.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

With our busy modern lives, most of us don’t have time to mow the yard, much less keep a complex landscape design properly pruned and weeded.  Low-maintenance landscaping is the obvious solution, although you can always consider contracting with a landscape maintenance partner that will keep your garden spaces looking fantastic year-round.