Retaining Wall Design Options

Aug 13, 2018

Retaining walls can serve several important functions for your Sioux Center, Iowa property.  They’re often used to stabilize and contain loose soil on properties with a steep grade, so if you live in a hilly neighborhood, there are likely plenty of properties around you that feature retaining walls.

They can also be used to turn a steep yard into more usable space with a system of terraces that provide flat expanses for landscape design and patio areas.  Or they could be used for free standing planter boxes, or to provide additional seating around focal points like a fire feature or water feature.

In short, there are several reasons why you might want retaining walls on your property.  The only question is how you want to design them for optimal function and to beautify your space.  Here are a few retaining wall design options that might suit your needs.

Classic Appeal

Beautiful design starts with the materials you choose, and if your home features a traditional style of architecture, you’ll want retaining walls with the classic appeal of natural stone.  Whether you opt to stack rough hewn pavers for an organized, yet organic look or you elect to use polished stone for a smooth and sophisticated finish, you’ll find that creating retaining walls with natural stone complements nearly any style of traditional architecture, from Tudors and Victorians to Spanish colonial, ranch, and arts and crafts styles.

Natural stone can be pricy, but there’s no denying the visual appeal.  With the right retaining wall design, this material can not only add function and charm to your yard, but also increase your property value.  With the help of a design specialist, you’ll have no problem choosing the right stone and the perfect configurations to complement your Rock Valley, Iowa property.

Modern Design

Modern architecture is very different from traditional.  Modern, midcentury modern, contemporary, and minimalist schools tend to favor clean lines, limited embellishment, geometric shapes, and harmonious features that create a sense of peace.  How can you create retaining walls that capture this aesthetic while serving a function?

If you’ve chosen a modern home, you don’t want to install traditional elements in your yard as they would not be in harmony with your architecture.  In this case, you’ll want to choose modern, manmade materials like bricks or concrete pavers, just for example.  These molded forms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that allow you to create unique, customized walls to hold back soil, create raised planting beds, and add streamlined seating to your space.

The average homeowner might not have a good idea of how to design a suitable retaining wall to meet functional needs and complement existing structures on the property.  Luckily, you needn’t go it alone.  With the help of an experienced designer, you can find the right materials and plan an attractive layout that upgrades your property in every way.

Retaining walls are an excellent way to get maximum use value out of your home and create the backyard entertaining space you’ve always dreamed of.  You just have to find the design options that are perfect for your outdoor spaces.