Spice it up With Fire Glass

Spice it up With Fire Glass
Jun 3, 2019

Summer is almost here and that means lots of relaxing evenings sitting out by the fire pit, roasting marshmallows or hot dogs or just kickin’ back after a long day. You installed a gas fire pit in your backyard at your Rock Valley, Iowa home and all is right with the world except you want to add a little more pizazz to the industrial look of exposed gas piping.

Have you considered fire glass? Made from tempered glass that holds up to extreme temperatures, fire glass is a popular alternative to traditional firewood or the “fake log” look of some gas burner options. Commonly seen in fancy restaurants and office buildings, fire glass is also a great addition to outdoor fire pits. The glass reflects the flickering flames and shines in enchanting displays of light and color.

Looks Great and Low Maintenance

Fire glass comes in a Crayola palette of colors and an array of shapes and sizes that fit all manner of fire pit styles; you can even coordinate the fire glass to match other outdoor landscaping designs such as flower gardens, arbors, and patios.

Can’t decide on a color? Change it up with something new. It’s easy to slide in a new batch of glass at any time. Imagine a summer gathering at your Sioux Center, Iowa home glowing in shades of blue or red or purple. You can also sit around a fire pit burning with fire glass and not have smoke envelop you or bits of ash float around or breathe bad fumes.

If you’re used to cleaning up stray bark, embers, and other debris from wood fires, you’re in for a treat with fire glass. When the fire’s out, there’s no cleanup! And if the glass ever looks dull or even dusty, it can be cleaned with dish soap and water to return to its original shine.

Efficient and Enduring

While wood fires have a special ambiance, they lack efficiency. You have to keep piling on logs to keep the fire burning strong and hot. This is especially tedious if it’s cold outside and you have to trek a long way with armloads of wood.

Glass is an extremely efficient heat conductor, burning hotter and longer than wood or stone. That brings more heat with less fuel (and less expense). Aside from purchasing various colors or type, fire glass is a smart, one-investment that keeps on giving.

Safe for You and Eco-Friendly Too

In addition to obvious fire hazards, one of the biggest drawbacks to wood fires is the smoke, which is never good to breathe. If you’re using fire glass at your Rock Valley or Sioux Center, Iowa home, you can relax without harmful fumes or popping embers sailing into your lap or on to the wood siding of the house.

Bonus Points                                             

Another excellent benefit of fire glass is it looks great sitting still. Even without a fire burning, colored glass adds a decorative splash to your fire pit and other areas of your home as well. Try it in a rock bed or lining for plants to give them a lively look all year ‘round.