The benefits of a natural stone patio

The benefits of a natural stone patio
Oct 7, 2019

An outdoor patio opens up a whole new world to your home’s backyard environment. A new patio space inspires neighborhood gatherings and weekend barbeques and children’s random, unfettered play. If you are thinking of incorporating an outdoor patio into your Rock Valley, Iowa home’s landscaping look, consider natural stone’s many appealing features and benefits.

Ruggedly elegant good looks

Natural stone is born underground and brings a rugged and enticing beauty to our spaces above ground. The powerful forces that create stone also infuse an array of stunning colors and tones that offer as many options for your patio design and other outdoor hardscape features. In fact, some varieties of stone include several different color hues in a single piece, making patio design a blend of landscape and art. Best of all, natural stone’s color won’t run off the canvas or fade in the sunlight, providing your Sioux Center, Iowa home with an enduring outdoor portrait. Planning ahead and using stone native to your geographic region also stays true to its roots and saves you a big chunk in transportation costs.

Durable for the long-term

Stone is tough stuff by design and as such is a popular choice for outdoor landscaping. In fact, natural stone is nearly twice as strong as concrete pavers and stands strong in the face of harsh weather from violent hailstorms to long months of ice and snow. Stone also holds up to heavy foot traffic from high-energy kids and regular entertainment events, as well as offering a stable surface for a regiment of your favorite outdoor furniture and grilling accessories. Stone is also a great choice for lining gardens, creating a unique driveway look, and constructing a solid but attractive retaining wall. Natural stone is plentiful and readily available from local sources but be prepared for a high price tag, especially when moving into the higher-end granite varieties.

Investing in the future

Incorporating natural stone into your home’s outdoor features is a smart investment on several fronts. Stone is more cost-effective than manufactured materials like concrete pavers and since virtually no maintenance is required you save time money in upkeep. Natural stone also brings an instant boost to your home’s value which is a big plus if the time comes to sell. Many homebuyers put outdoor patios on the top of their list and are likelier to purchase a home with this type of outdoor feature already installed. You’ll shoulder a higher cost at the outset but natural stone will last forever and age beautifully, without cracking or staining.

The eco-friendly choice

Natural stone is the most sustainable landscaping material available, with vast stores currently accessible as well as new stone constantly regenerating far below ground. Unlike concrete, no energy is used to manufacture stone and it is the ultimate recyclable material, with the bonus benefit of alternate uses such as aggregate, reclaimed paving stones, or crushed gravel.

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