The Benefits of Sealing Pavers

May 28, 2018

Pavers are an attractive and durable way to add function to your yard.  They can be used for traditional purposes such as creating pathways or patios, but they can also add a stylish edging to planting beds or other landscaping or even create unique planters, retaining walls, or bench seating when stacked.

Although pavers made of natural stone, concrete, brick, or other materials are adept at holding up to all kinds of weather conditions, they can become dirty, faded, and worn from constant exposure to sun, rain, extreme temperatures, and the wear and tear of daily use.  If you want the best chance to protect your investment, reduce needed maintenance, and ensure longevity, you should definitely consider sealing the pavers in your Rock Valley, Iowa backyard.  Here are a few benefits you’ll gain in the process.


Enhance Visual Appeal

When realtors stage homes to shoot photos for listings, one trick in their arsenal is hosing down the driveway.  This not only cleans away dirt and grime, but it also creates greater visual appeal.  A wet driveway hides flaws, enhances the color of the driveway material, and appears smooth, shiny, and new.

You can save water and accomplish the same feat by sealing your pavers.  Adding glossy sealant not only enhances the color of your pavers and creates a sense of brightness, but it can also make the texture of stones more prominent as light hits the surface.  If you want your beautiful pavers to look their best, sealing them is the way to go.

Protect Against the Elements

Sealant does more than simply bring out the natural beauty of pavers – it also keeps them looking good for years to come.  Over time, sunlight can cause color to fade.  Rain, wind, and snow can cause erosion, pitting, cracks, and other damage.  Sealing your pavers protects them against harsh, or even mild weather conditions that can wear them down over time.

Stave off Weeds and Pests

Pavers are laid out in all kinds of patterns, some of them tightly fitted and some looser and more organic.  Regardless of layout, one thing you can’t avoid is space between pavers, no matter how miniscule.

This space between joints can be inundated by grass or weeds pushing their way up from below or by ants and other pests seeking passage.  Sealant can put a stop to both of these potential issues, as well as deter the growth of moss.

Easier Cleaning

Whereas porous stone and concrete may stain easily when exposed to dirt and other outdoor elements, sealed pavers are better able to repel grime, including oil, grease, and other substances that may cause stone to look dirty and stained.  This makes cleaning your pavers a lot easier.  Where unsealed pavers might require scrubbing with cleaning solvents, sealed pavers only need a hosing to look pristine.

Protect Against Other Deterioration

Over time, pavers can suffer deterioration from wear and tear.  They can become cracked or chipped.  They can lose sand between joints and become loose and ill-fitting.  Sealing your pavers can help to protect against all of these forms of deterioration and ensure the greatest longevity and visual appeal for your Sioux Center, Iowa backyard for years to come.