The Best Water Features for Traditional Gardens

Oct 15, 2018

If you want to create an outdoor sanctuary in your own backyard, a place to escape from the demands of daily life and breathe a sigh of relief, adding a beautiful water feature is a no-brainer.  The sound of running water can help to calm frayed nerves and create a tranquil atmosphere, and the presence of water can draw wildlife, from brightly colored songbirds to playful squirrel, and more.  Surrounding yourself with the bounty of nature can only help you to forget the stresses of the outside world and regain a sense of inner peace.

Of course, you first have to choose the right water feature to complement your lush landscape design and suit your sensibilities.  When you have a traditional home and garden setting, it will naturally inform your selection of elements, including a water feature.  How can you choose the best water feature for your Sioux Center, Iowa yard?  Here are a few traditional choices to consider.


When you think of traditional garden fountains, you might think of grand examples like the spouts, cascades, and tiers to be found in famous gardens like those in Versailles.  While you probably won’t add anything so massive or lavish to your own backyard, there’s nothing to stop you from taking your cue from historical gardens and adding a tiered fountain.

The nice thing about this classic is that fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your layout, your garden/home style, and your personal aesthetic.  They are self-contained systems that are relatively easy to clean and maintain, and they can be installed as a focal point for dramatic effect or set to the side for a less obtrusive addition to your yard.


If you want a more organic approach to your water feature that blends naturally with the landscape, a pond is probably the way to go.  It will require more upkeep than your average fountain or pondless water feature, but if you have a large enough space to work with, you can include waterfalls or even streams.  You can also add plant life and fish to elevate the natural appeal and create a truly calm and serene space within your traditional garden.

Bird Baths

Both simple and elegant, bird baths are a great way to add a water feature when you’re working with a small space, you’re on a tight budget, and/or you simply don’t have much time to clean and maintain a pond or a fountain.  Some bird baths are little more than a basin for collecting rain water, but when you add a water feature to your yard, you’re probably looking for the burble, tinkle, or cascade of flowing water.

Luckily, there are traditional bird baths that come with pump systems to ensure that you not only draw in hummingbirds, larks, swallows, wrens, and other beautiful and expressive birds, but that you’re able to enjoy the dulcet tones of running water.  When you want to increase the wow factor of your Rock Valley, Iowa yard with an eye-catching and tranquil addition, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your traditional garden setting.