The Hottest Inground Pool Options That Are Trending in 2019

The Hottest Inground Pool Options That Are Trending in 2019
Jun 24, 2019

Swimming pools are an enjoyable and stylish feature in backyards across the nation. A pool is a source of a high level of entertainment while keeping us cool in the summer sun, and it’s especially good for turning up the fun at outdoor parties. As it turns out, there are some interesting new trends to be found in inground pool options in 2019 that can enhance the already-pleasurable experience they provide in Rock Valley, Iowa, and elsewhere.

New Ideas Create Head-turning Appeal

The first thing to look at when seeking out what’s hot in inground pools is the overall change in their appearance. Many people are now opting for a pool with a dark interior rather then the traditional light blue. This creates a more natural feel for your pool, as if you’re relaxing on an island in the south Pacific. By providing such an effect, a pool can be a wonderful complement to your landscape design.

Additionally, there is an increased use of tile in inground pools in order to add a sleek splash of color and design. Tiles give you a nice change of pace from the generic blandness to which we’ve become accustomed.

More Than Just Swimming and Diving

We’re also seeing a change in the type of entertainment our pools provide for us. Pool bars are a fantastic option for quenching one’s thirst while temporarily away from the shade provided by your pergola. You might even consider a nifty in-pool seating area to sit and chat with friends.

Tanning ledges are another hot idea in pools today. These very shallow areas of water are terrific for those who choose not to commit to a total swimming experience but still wish to enjoy the cooling comfort of the water. They also provide a convenient area to sit with children or others who would prefer not to venture into the deep end.

Single-depth pools are yet another option finding increased popularity in 2019. They’re wonderful for playing games for which it’s convenient to be able to touch bottom at any time. As an added benefit, shallow-depth pools in particular are easier to keep warm.

The Impact of Technology on Pools

Considering the prevalence of app use today, it’s no surprise that they’ve found their way into the swimming pool arena as well. You now have the option of controlling your pool lighting, temperature, and pump settings from the convenience of your cell phone, making for a conveniently customizable swimming experience in a Sioux Center, Iowa, backyard.

The versatility of pleasure provided by pools is on the rise. They’ve become more than a place for adults to do laps or for kids to shout “Cannonball!” Today, they’re aesthetic centers for a total backyard experience while relaxing in your lounge chair or beside a fire pit on a summer evening.

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