Transformation Through Illumination

Transformation Through Illumination
May 20, 2019

Bringing a little light into your property can have an amazing effect, and the options are nearly endless. If you happen to be in a selling chapter in your home’s life, curb appeal alone is greatly enhanced with strategically planned lighting. Evenings walking along backyard pathways or sitting by the fire take on an entirely new glow with accents of soft light.

With so many target-specific products available, lighting options tailored to your Rock Valley or Sioux Center, Iowa home and individual desires are nearly endless.

Give Your Outdoor Living Space a Growth Spurt
Purposefully planned outdoor living spaces are wildly popular today in new construction as well as remodels. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, pavilions, arbors, and pool areas make regular appearances on properties all across the country; allowing greatly extended living and entertaining space.

Best of all, you don’t have to end the party at sunset. Incorporating smartly placed lighting in the bar area or illuminating an arbor patio gives you much more time to enjoy warm summer evenings.

Get Smart
Today’s high tech world is present in nearly everything we do and there’s no doubt technology offers conveniences unheard of only a decade ago. Our amazingly advanced smartphones can be programmed to control every light fixture on your property and when it comes to having the big neighborhood party at your place, pushing a few buttons on your phone frees you up for mingling instead of fussing with little details.

Keep Your Family Safe and Secure
It is much easier for guests to navigate a curved walkway and front porch stairs after dark with lights to lead the way. Hauling in bags of groceries on a dark stone stairway is an accident in waiting but strategically planned lighting eliminates the risk.

From a security standpoint, well-placed lighting exponentially increases your family’s safety from intruders, especially in typically darker rural and secluded areas. A bad guy is less likely to investigate an illuminated property.

Give Your Gardens an Evening Glow
Many people take great pride in their homes’ landscaping, whether it is a simple terraced rock garden or breathtaking architectural wonder. Building planned lighting into a flower garden, centerpiece pathways or orchards transforms your space into an after-dark refuge inviting many repeat visits.

Perhaps you’d like to highlight an especially elegant or heirloom tree in the yard or give your arbor a soft glow just made for romantic evenings. With so many lighting products available, there’s never been a better time to dress your property to the nines.

Let There be Driveway Light
If your Rock Valley, Iowa home has a driveway of considerable length or one with curves or even hills, you can increase the safety and appearance elements with professionally installed lighting. A giant movie premiere spotlight is unnecessary, but a softly lit drive adds another aesthetic boost and helps guide your family and visitors safely to the home.

Whatever is on your wish list, lighting installation can be a tricky endeavor. Partner with the experts at Outdoor Elements to discuss options. Call today at (712) 476-5299.