What is a tanning shelf and should you get one in your new pool?

What is a tanning shelf and should you get one in your new pool?
Jul 1, 2019

For many pool owners, a pool isn’t complete without a tanning shelf. And there are good reasons why. Not just the latest “trendy thing” in pool design, the tanning shelf (aka Baja step, lounge ledge or sun shelf) is an ideal solution for the pool lounger who wants a little more “lounge” and a little less H2O immersion with their backyard pool experience.

But what exactly is a tanning shelf? Specifically, a tanning shelf is a deep, wide step inside of, or adjacent to, the pool perimeter. Typically, the step runs about 4 to 8 feet in length and anywhere from 3 to 18 inches deep in the water. It can be designed in any number of styles to accommodate your specific lifestyle, aesthetic preferences and pool shape.

It’s important to plan your customized ledge around your most common water play activities. For example, some owners prefer to put the shelf off to the side instead of placing it inside the pool, which provides more room for a swim lane or playing water volleyball. At your Rock Valley or Sioux Center, Iowa, residence, you may have other preferences for your backyard pool and surrounding landscape design.

Not Just for Tanning

A tanning shelf isn’t just for tanning. For one, it’s a far better alternative to sitting on the edge of your pool and dipping your feet into the water. The latter activity can be “backbreaking” work (no spine support) and, therefore, not very relaxing. Families also love tanning shelves because they provide a safe alternative for younger children. (Doggies love it too!) With a tanning ledge, little ones can splash and play in the water without mom and dad (or grandparents) having to constantly swim behind them in “safety monitor” mode.

Take the Edge Off With a Ledge

A tanning shelf is the perfect spot to keep an eye on little swimmers without having to sacrifice some much needed R&R. Family time is great, but after playing Marco Polo or King of the Mountain for the umpteenth time, it’s time to feel like the king (or queen) of your own swimming pool. With a tanning ledge, your “throne” is your lounger as you lay in your private “cove”—cold beverage in your cup holder and favorite book in hand. Choose to have it “made in the shade” with an overhead umbrella, or go without so you can work on your tan. You even have the option of adding bubbles.

No two pool owners are alike, and Outdoor Elements is well practiced at designing inground pools and soothing poolscape environments custom made for your Sioux Center or Rock Valley, Iowa residence. The same holds true for the increasingly popular tanning shelves, as well. So when you’re ready to “step it up” a notch by adding a tanning ledge to your backyard pool oasis, we’re here to help.

You can find Rock Valley and Sioux Center, Iowa tanning shelf experts at Outdoor Elements. Call today at (712) 476-5299.