What to expect when renovating your pool

What to expect when renovating your pool
Nov 11, 2019

As part of your home’s extensive landscaping, you had a large, in-ground pool installed, to the delight of your family and all the neighbor kids. Regular gatherings ensued, celebrating birthdays, graduations, family reunions and all manner of other festive events.

Alas, for all of their wonderful benefits, pools require a significant amount of maintenance. The daily variety is plenty to keep you busy at your Sioux Center, Iowa home but at some point, your pool will need more focused attention in the form of aesthetic or operational renovation.  This can entail simple upgrades to much more daunting projects of enlarging or refinishing the pool. As with most homeowner responsibilities, pool renovation is best approached with awareness and a strategic plan. Let’s take a look at what to expect when it’s time to renovate your pool.

Urgent issues

Some renovations are more like minor emergencies and must be addressed posthaste, no matter if it is the height of summer or the pool is closed up for the winter. Here are a few common issues that need tending before they cause even more trouble.

  • Leaks—Naturally, if your Rock Valley, Iowa pool starts to lose water; something is amiss. You need to find the source and severity of the leak immediately, lest the problem gets worse and you end up with costly repairs and maybe significant property damage. Small leaks can easily become big ones and that has a direct influence on the pool’s structural integrity. Plumbing within the pool system is also a likely place for leaks to develop.
  • Tile problems—A chipped tile here and there is generally no big deal but a collection of lost tiles or coping (the material that makes up the cap of the pool edge) means something is wrong. Check for leaks in the area or the integrity of the tiles. Stray shards of tile don’t go well with kids and bare feet.
  • Moving parts—Your pool’s filter or cleaning systems are called on to do a lot of work in the busy summer months. All that wear and tear is hard on equipment and any component of the system not performing as needed must be addressed before algae and other contaminants take over.

Keep it looking good

Fortunately, some pool renovations are not as urgent but still need your attention to keep the area looking and working great.

  • Surface refinishing—Over time, original pool materials and surfaces wear down from use and the chemicals used to treat the water. Perhaps areas of tile are stained or area decking is damaged. With a little advance planning and TLC, your pool can look brand new again.
  • Replace the vinyl liner—If your pool uses a vinyl liner you have about 10 years of living with it or less depending on the care it sees. Replacing the liner takes just a few days and you get that brand-new pool look.
  • Updating surrounding landscaping or adding shade structures or hardscape lighting goes a long way in boosting your pool area’s aesthetic appeal.

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