What Types of Water Features are Best for Your Pool?

What Types of Water Features are Best for Your Pool?
Aug 5, 2019

While any responsible homeowner will put some time and thought into choosing the right in-ground swimming pool for their outdoor space, it’s important to understand that this is just one feature in your yard, and it needs to integrate as seamlessly as possible into existing landscape design and the functional layout of hardscape elements.  In order to do this, you may want to think about adding a water feature that connects your pool to the rest of your yard, creating a beautiful transition that ties the whole space together seamlessly.

The trick, of course, is choosing the right water feature to enhance your space and suit your personal preferences.  While there are limited water features available, the creative ways you can employ them to elevate the appeal of your pool and your yard are endless.  Here are just a few options to explore when you want to upgrade your Sioux Center, Iowa backyard.


One of the best ways to connect your pool and yard spaces is with a waterfall feature.  Whether you utilize sloped landscaping to create a rocky stream that gently flows down into your pool or you build in an overhang with a long drop into the pool to add drama and hide your grotto, a waterfall can act as a virtual bridge between your landscaping and your swimming pool, blurring the lines between separate spaces and helping you to incorporate water features in a seamless and attractive way.

Water Wall

If your pool is adjacent to a wall, such as fencing around your yard, you have the opportunity to add a water wall along one side, where water flows down over the wall and into the pool.  This can serve to extend the scope of your pool into surrounding yard space, fusing a hardscaping element with your swimming pool through connecting water.

If your pool is more central in your yard, you could still add a free-standing water wall, but it will create a solid division that bisects your yard.  Of course, this could also add privacy to an otherwise exposed pool area, so you’ll simply have to weigh the pros and cons before you proceed.  You can also add spouts, like sconces or scuppers, to a wall to shoot streams of water into your pool, blending the appeal of a waterfall and a water wall into one dynamic feature.


A less obtrusive way to add privacy screening to your pool area and tie in the water element with the rest of the yard is to install fountains in or around your pool.  What if you could have water spouting up from the surface of your pool like the fountains at the Bellagio?  Well, maybe not coordinated to lighting and music, but you get the idea.

This could add a lovely, tonal quality and create the privacy screening you crave.  While it doesn’t directly tie to the landscaping, it adds depth and dimension that enhances the overall view of your yard.  With fountains around the edge of the pool, your swimming area can more directly interact with surrounding landscaping.

If you want your swimming pool to become an integral part of your Rock Valley, Iowa backyard, a complementary water feature can make all the difference.  Contact the talented team at Outdoor Elements today at 712-476-5299 or online to find the perfect solution for your space.