Timeless landscape lighting design trends for your yard

Dec 3, 2018

When opting to transform your Rock Valley, Iowa, yard into your own personal utopia, many factors play into creating a relaxing and peaceful aesthetic. From choosing the right irrigation system for your yard to adding special elements like an outdoor kitchen, pergolas, and lighting, there are many design trends at your disposal that will help you create a personalized and eye-catching outdoor escape.

In regard to lighting, there are certain timeless landscape lighting design trends that do not buckle to fads and that can help increase a home’s overall value.

Stay “Safe” With Path Lighting

Path lights come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors. While it can be tempting to purchase colorful lights for an added splash of personality, they can quickly become eye sores. Choosing path lights that are timeless and more traditional in appearance can save a Sioux Center, Iowa, homeowner from regretting his or her purchase down the line.

Incorporate Festive Lighting

Accent lighting fixtures add a certain aesthetic to an outdoor space. Bistro lighting, for example, is a popular accent fixture that will not go out of style and romanticizes a space wonderfully. Another great example of using festive lighting in a classy yet fun way is by utilizing tiki lights around the deck of a pool.

Do Not Let Trends Intimidate You

Regardless of what is “in” or “encouraged,” you will be the one who spends the most time in your yard. Therefore, it is important that you highlight the areas of your hard that you love the most. If there is an area that you feel could use a certain kind of lighting, add lighting. A well-designed and perfectly landscaped yard is useless if a homeowner does not enjoy it.

Layering Is Key

When it comes to landscape lighting, accenting various pieces and places in the yard in a layered and balanced way is crucial. Remember to not put too much emphasis on one feature as that will offset the balance of the yard. By layering your lighting starting with accenting your landscape’s perimeter and working inward, you can create an overall timeless and relaxing landscape design.

Use Ornate Fixtures Sparingly

Ornate fixtures added to things like arbors or pavilions add a certain romantic elegance to a space. However, in the case of ornate fixtures, less is often more. The more they are used, the less whimsical and more cluttered they appear. Stick to one piece of lighting (that is not too bright) per structure. Remember that it is easier and more cost-effective to add lighting as you go versus purchasing too much lighting and feeling forced to find a place for it all.

Following timeless landscape lighting design trends is an easy way to ensure that your yard stands the many tests of time. By incorporating the tips and trends listed above, you will be able to create an outdoor space that not only reflects your personality, but that increases your home’s overall value, encourages more time spent outdoors, and helps to create long-lasting memories with friends and family.