Wow Potential Buyers with These 5 Front and Backyard Landscape Design Tips

Jan 19, 2018

Your Sioux Falls home could be the gem of the neighborhood, but buyers might never make it inside if the exterior is nothing but a boring stretch of grass, or worse, a barren wasteland with no landscaping at all. First impressions are important, and whether you like it or not, your front and backyard say a lot about your home.

Before you list your property for sale, it’s important to consider not only the curb appeal of the front yard, but also the added value of your outdoor entertaining space in the back. Here are just a few tips to wow potential buyers with your front and backyard landscape design.

1. Variegate the flora

A solid sea of fresh, green sod certainly looks better than dead grass or dirt, but it doesn’t do much to add visual appeal and wow factor to your yard. One easy way to create a feast for the eyes with your landscaping is to add variety through color.

A professional landscape designer can help you to create a plan that incorporates a variety of colors through leaves, flowers, fruit, and more, even going so far as to create a planting schedule that ensures variety throughout the year with plants that bloom in different seasons. This is sure to prove more appealing than a standard expanse of lawn.

2. Think in three dimensions

Your yard is much more than a flat space – you have three dimensions to work with both in the front and the back. By planting a variety of grasses, shrubs, trees, and flowering plants you have the opportunity to dazzle the senses with landscaping that goes both up and out. This can not only appeal with beautiful sights, smells, and sounds, but also provide privacy screening that many home buyers will appreciate.

3. Illuminate your space

At the very least, you should consider adding hardscape and landscape lighting for practical purposes, to illuminate walkways and entryways so residents and guests can safely traverse yard spaces after dark. That said, you might also get creative with outdoor lighting by using it to highlight landscaping features and create both artistry and ambience in your outdoor spaces.

4. Add suitable hardscaping

Even if your lawn is neatly manicured, visitors would probably prefer pavers to a trek through your vegetation. Adding walkways to traverse your yard is a must, but you can also incorporate handy hardscaping features like patios, as well as planter boxes or retaining walls to complement to your overall landscape design.

5. Keep it neat

You may be showing your house for weeks or months before you hook a buyer, and in the meantime, you need to keep not only your home interior, but also your landscaping looking neat and tidy if you want to impress potential buyers. Remember, curb appeal provides a first impression of your property.

Keep the lawn trimmed and the flower beds weeded and cut away dead limbs and overgrowth as needed. You might even want to install proper irrigation to ensure that the landscaping stays green and attractive. The best landscape design will only serve your purposes if it’s in top form when buyers come to call.